Let`s go kiting in Miyakojima!

『あれって何だろう?』 『やってみたいけど・・・』なんて思ってる方も多いのでは? Lately it comes up in TV commercials and programs; kitesurfing.
Aren`t there a lot of people who think: "What is that?" "I would like to try that" ?


大きなカイト(凧)を自分で操作し、その凧で風を受けてボードに乗って走る・・それがカイトボードです。Steering a big kite, catching wind with this kite and ride on a board, that is kiteboarding.

You can freely ride around on the ocean on your own, if you improve you can also leave the watersurface and jump and even do rotational tricks.

Or you can ride waves with a surfboard without needing a paddle.... Its a fascinating sport with an unparalled great range of content and feel of refreshment.

それでも日本各地にカイトスポット(ゲレンデ)があり、子供から年配者まで楽しんでいます。Its a popular and well known sport around the world, but still minor in Japan. Nevertheless there are kitespots all around in Japan, and kiteboarders from children to elderly persons are enjoying it.

なかでも沖縄一美しいと言われる砂浜と海を持つ宮古島は、国内でも最高のカイトスポット☆ Under these spots there is Miyakojima, with beaches and sea said to be the most beautiful in Okinawa, and probably the best kitespots in Japan. ☆

The wind blows mostly in autumn and winter, and there are spots for every wind direction. There are spots with wide shallow water, which is a great advantage for kiting in Miyakojima.
Furthermore every spot is only 5~20 minutes far from the shop, so the access is very comfortable ♪
And it is warm throughout the year ! !

You can just make a trip to enjoy your ride, or learn here learn kiteboarding here because we also teach from beginner to step up level, so let`s enjoy kiteboarding together here at this perfect location ! ! !